Imaging system for SBS-plates in combination with protein identification
Imaging system for SBS-plates in combination with protein identification by intrinsic fluorescence excitaiton


A fully automated imaging system designed for SBS-plates. Equipped with a built-in microscope with 2 µm resolution.

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Examples are shown for intrinsic fluorescence imaging in crystallization plates of different types

illuminated with white light and UV (blue)


Physical Background

Fluorescence excitation and emission spectra:

Efficient intrinsic fluorescence excitation with wavelengths longer than 300nm:

Technical Data

UV light source

Mercury arc lamp with 120 W

  Lamp life time 2000 h

  Motorised shutter and intensity control

White light source

Halogen lamp with 50 W

  Lamp life time 2000 h

  Motorised intensity control


Motorised filter change up to three positions:

  Pos 1: Shortpass 385 nm

  Pos 2: Shortpass 325 nm

  Pos 3: optional wavelength


Control of UV/white intensity, filter setting and shutter


  Software control from PC over ethernet (Windows, Linux, Mac)

  Open interfacing to third party software

Light guides

Quartz light guide for UV light 1 mm diameter

  Length 1.5 m

  Customized length....................

Liquid light guide for white light 5 mm diameter

  Length 1.5 m

  Customized length


Table-top case

  Portable unit

  400 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm (LxWxH)

  Weight: approx. 12 kg

  Power consumption: 90 to 264 V, 200 W


  Laptop ready to use  Linux   Windows

  Desktop PC ready to use   Linux   Windows

  Second monitor 19 inch for fullcamera image display

Software features

XtalLight 100 software runs on   Linux,   Windows,  Mac machines

  No installation required, runs from removable USB-Source

  Control of light source parameters

  Live display of camera image

  Control of camera settings for UV and white light

  Easy acquisition of UV images, white light images and combinations

  Storage and retrieval of images in a data base

  Short UV exposure times to protect crystals against damage

  Position control for automated stage

CCD Camera

Camera for adaptation to a microscope or to a stage

  1024x768 pixels colour 

  1280x1024 pixels colour

UV optics

Focussing optics for directing UV light onto the sample

  Focal length 20 mm with built-in blocking filter

  Focal length ______mm

Stage and Objective

  Manual stage

  Automated stage

  Microscope objective

  Microscope zoom objective

  Microscope motor zoom objective

Other Machines

  Adapted to microscope type:_________________

  Adapted to imager type:_____________________


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