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Introduction to SpectroLight 600 / 610

The major topic of this webinar will be the introduction of SpectroLight 600, an in situ DLS device. Examples of some of its advanced applications will be demonstrated.
The webinar will be interactive and will take 1 hour, depending on questions and discussion. We offer individual sessions after we agreed a time.
Applications for in-situ DLS:

Standard in-situ Dynamic Light Scattering Applications

  • Dynamic Light Scattering in small Sample Volumes ~ 800 nl
  • Affinity Tag Oligomerization Analysis
  • Protein Aggregation State Analyis
  • Size Exclusion Chromatographie (SEC) Analysis
  • Protein Storage Buffer Identification and long Time Stability Analysis

Imaging and Fluorescence Imaging

  • Monitoring of Protein Aggregation and Nucleation Signatures
  • Bright Light Imaging and Image Stacking
  • Optional Intrinsic Fluorescence Imaging

Membrane Proteins

  • Pure Detergent Micelle Analysis
  • Monitoring of Purification Steps
  • Protein Detergent Complex Identification