Identification of protein crystals by excitation of intrinsic protein fluorescence

SpectroSize 300

A compact cuvette based dynamic light scattering instrument for classic DLS-applications.

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SpectroSize 300 is a cuvette based DLS Instrument. The minimum required sample volume is ~8 µl.

The striking features of the Instrument are 

  1. High reliability of the instrument and the results
  2. Easy to lern and easy to use
  3. Fast receipt of results and comfortable export functions
  4. High accuracy
  5. Non-invasively sample investigation

A classic application of DLS in molecular life sciences is monitoring of the macromolecular aggregation state. An example of a partially aggregated sample is shown below.




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Technical Data


Temperature stabilized single-mode Laser diode

  Wavelength: 660 nm

  Optical power: 100 mW

  Wavelength:  785 nm  532 nm  405 nm (optional)

Particle size

Measurment range

  Minimum: 1 nm

  Maximum: approx. 6 µm


Sample concentration with standard laser (660 nm)

  Minimum 0.1 mg/ml of lysozyme

  Maximum > 100 mg/ml

Cuvette holder

Temperature stabilized to ensure measurement precision

  Range from 4 – 40°C,   Optional up to 90°C

Scattering angle

Variation of scattering angle to study e.g. molecular interactions

  Range 30° to 150°

  Stepwidth: 0.1° steps


PhotoMultiplierTube for single photon counting

  Dark count rate < 300 Hz,

  Quantum efficiency: 5...7%

  Avalanche photodiode


 Multi-tau architecture to cover a wide sample time range

  Sample time from 400 ns to 30 s

  Total 208 quasi logarithmic arranged channels

Sample container

Different Cuvettes and user specific containers

  Quartz, 1.5 x 1.5 mm inner dimensions, 7 µl sample volume (optional)

  Circular, 5 mm diameter, sample volume 50 µl (optional)

  Flow through cuvette, sample volume 100 µl (optional)

  Sample vials 11.5 mm diameter, sample volume 300 µl (optional)

  Plastic cuvettes (disposable), sample volume 40 µl (optional)

  Customized sample holder (optional)


Table-top case

  Portable unit: 400 mm x 300 mm x 150 mm (LxWxH)

  Weight: approx. 8 kg

  Power consumption: 90 to 264 V, 50 W

  Mini PC attached to monitor (22 inch) Linux

  Laptop ready to use Linux


DLS/SLS software runs on all Linux, Windows

  No installation required, runs from removable USB-Source

  Control of instrument parameters

  Display of ACF and radius distribution

  Graphical histogramming software

  Radius distribution 2D and 3D

  Summary of results:

          Radius values of all fractions

          Molecular weights


  Database connection

  Excel export

  Analysis of SLS measurements with Zimm plot, giving Mw, Rh, A2

  Autopilot for automated long time measurement series, including time, temperature and angle setting

  Measurement values stored in a standard data format for later analysis by SpectroSize 300 software